Sunday, 7 May 2017

Bambi Cult

A very good girl has created a Discord chat server all about listening to the sessions and becoming Bambi.

You can join it here (but note that I am not involved in running the server or responsible for its content).

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Bambi Training Loops

The second release from Bambi Sleep is a collection of training loops designed to demonstrate and reinforce Bambi's complete submission to her conditioning. These loops will be most effective when the listener has recently undergone deep bimbo transformation by listening to the main conditioning session.

Loop Summary

The loops are divided into three types:
  • The training loops consist mainly of layered subliminals and affirmations that will reinforce Bambi's training. These do not induce sleep and can be listened to while performing other tasks.
  • The control loops will put Bambi to sleep using triggers established by the main conditioning session. Although not directly strengthening her training, these loops will have her carrying out a variety of fun bimbo assignments that will serve to demonstrate her compliance and reinforce her bimbo mindset.
  • The sleep loop is less conspicuous than the other tracks and can be safely looped while Bambi sleeps each night to deepen her submission.

Rather than providing detailed descriptions of each loop, Bambi must find out the effects for herself.

Special thanks

These earliest sessions were produced in part with inspiration from previous work by the wider erotic hypnosis community. In particular, some of the tracks use samples of work by Neural Nets, voiced by Mistress Magenta:

  • Training Loop: Subliminal and the Sleep Loop sample their "Cock Dumb" track.
  • Training Loop: Cockslut and the Sleep Loop sample their "Cheer Squad" track.

Samples used with permission. This does not affect the copyright held by these parties. Please ask them for use and appropriate credit before redistribution.