Thursday, 25 April 2019

Bambi Mental Makeover

This new, full-length standalone session focuses on training Bambi to be a ditzy, vacuous, superficial platinum blonde, locking in all the mannerisms, speech and thought patterns, interests, personality and lifestyle changes that come with that.

This is an expert-level session. You should slip into deep trance easily and automatically by now. If not, you might want to use Blank Mindless Doll or some Enforcement tracks before the salon induction. Also, you really want high-quality headphones to get the most out of this one.

This session isn't finished yet! The last track will be available first on the Bambi Sleep Patreon.

01 Sleepygirl Salon
Induction for the makeover session. Bambi is prepared for her makeover and placed in a deep sleep to ensure her treatment is fully effective.

02 Mentally Platinum Blonde
Core programming for the mental makeover session. Rewrites Bambi's mental state and thought patterns to lock her in as a platinum blonde barbie doll.

03 Automatic Airhead
Extreme bubbleheaded ditziness conditioning. Wipes away intelligence and independence, and programs behaviour for everyday situations, leaving a helplessly automatic and simple airhead valley girl.

04 Superficial Basic Bitch
Bambi is overwritten with a simplified, fashion-conscious and appearance-obsessed personality. Increases feelings of vanity and superficiality, and restricts her interests and emotions to prevent distraction. Installs deep conditioning to ensure she always looks her best, holds herself like an attractive fuckdoll, and keeps her makeup perfect at all times.

05 Life Control: Total Doll
Bambi is programmed as a perfect trophy fuckdoll. Erases all memory of anything other than a life of placid uniformed obedience and objectification. Implants a deep love of being treated as an object, and enforces lifestyle modifications including fitness regimes and surgical enhancement. To ensure complete commitment, Bambi is given control over lifestyle decisions even when not in uniform.

07 Makeover Awakener
Reinforcement and awakening as a newly made over vacant blonde bimbo princess.