Sunday, 4 June 2017

Bambi Fuckdoll Brainwash

This advanced conditioning session is a direct followup to the first conditioning release from Bambi Sleep. It relies on and builds on many of the triggers and suggestions set by the first series, so should be listened to once the subject is familiar with that session and responds well to its content. The advanced session is not intended to completely replace the first release; it's always a good idea to refresh the basic conditioning every so often.

This session is much more intense than the original. It uses a new style of layered suggestion and brainwash tracks that will render the subject immediately incapacitated and train her even more effectively. It's shorter and more focused, so particularly suited for when the listener can't spare two hours for the full Bimbodoll Conditioning session. We recommend listening to this session all the way through, but as usual it's split into separate tracks so that custom sessions can be prepared.

Track Listing

01 Blank Mindless Doll
Bambi is taken easily down into a blank, mindless trance. Good girls who have already trained extensively with the original session will find this induction takes them much deeper than tracks 01 and 02 of that release combined, in less than half of the total time.

02 Cock Dumb Hole
Bambi is a wonderfully dizzy, dumb cock-hole. Her heavy breasts and bimbo body make her helplessly brainless, blank and giggly.

03 Uniform Slut Puppet
Bambi loves to get nicely dolled up for cock. She needs to be perfectly dressed up for cock. Once in uniform, Bambi's actions and behaviour can be completely controlled by her sexy clothing.

04 Vain Horny Happy
Bambi is in control. She is a vain pretty slut with perfect thoughts. She has bimbo memories and a bimbo awareness. She can only remember having always been Bambi.

05 Bimbo Drift
Bambi is given some final words of encouragement. Her memory of the session is wiped before she is allowed to awaken.