Thursday, 12 April 2018

Bambi Fuckpuppet Freedom (Part 2)

The conclusion to the Bambi Fuckpuppet Freedom set of tracks is now available to patrons on the Bambi Sleep Patreon. It will be available to everyone here on the blog in a few weeks.

It's one conditioning track, about 35 minutes long, that can also double as a powerful deepener. Try it between Blank Mindless Doll and Bimbo Drift. Stronger than anything so far. Be careful.

Update: the tracks are now all available on the Bambi Fuckpuppet Freedom post.


  1. Omg I love getting my outfits on, getting maid up and listening to these. Bimbo life is the happy life

  2. Recently as I’ve been listening to the bambi files pretty much every night, they’ve been getting more and more powerful and work even better on me than the first times I tried it, especially with ones like Mindlocked Cock Zombie, I just go so deep, deeper than I’ve ever experienced before, in the 5-6 years of loving hypnosis. I jus can’t wait for the new files!

  3. Hmm wow that one looks so intense

  4. Hello, what is the name of the computer voice file used in Bambi?

  5. Hello, what is the name of the computer voice file used in Bambi?

  6. Bambi loved this file so much!

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  8. I have been crossdressing in secret for 40yrs,and just recently discovered these files. this weekend my wife was out of town(married over 30yrs). this is my current playlist-

    bubble induction
    bubble acceptance
    Bambi named and drained
    control loop:puppet
    Bambi awakens

    I found that dressing up and being blindfolded hugely increases desires and pleasures,headphones are a must.
    I will continue following and exploring,but would like to see(hear) more fantasy encounters. Some suggestions-

    Bambi in a park
    Bambi on a beach
    Bambi in a theater
    Bambi at a gloryhole

  9. Can't wait for the release of those files here.

    I wish there will be a file in the future that makes takes you really really deep in trance and has a really really strong amnesia effect, since I have some problems to stay in trance during long sessisions.

    Could be also a amnesia effect that lasts till the next morning, so you can't remember the whole sessision if you start one in the evening.

    I hope you understand what I mean :)

  10. I would love to see another conditioning/deepening file, something like :

    The old personality is locked up and tied up.
    A gagball is placed in its mouth so that you can not interrupt or disturb the conditioning.
    Once you have done this you are ready to become conditioned, empty of mind, to learn the various triggers and to always become easily conditioned and empty for the other files.

    1. Ohhh i want this *giggle* ^ω^

  11. What about this for Bambi: a very deep compulsive need to keep her body perfectly smooth and hair-free via shaving or waxing or any way she thinks is best. Also, to keep her skin soft thanks to exfoliation, and hydrated thanks to creams.

  12. I’m a bimbo slave. OMG I need a master soooo badly

  13. what mean "that can also double as a powerful deepener" ?

    1. You can put it before other tracks to take you deeper

  14. Can you please make Bambi resistant to deprograming files? Or even better let her sabotage deprograming or reset attempts and use them to reinforce and strengthen all the triggers and conditioning instead? <3

  15. Bambi Bath
    Bambi feels something new was installed near the pink satin box in her mind. It is a beautiful, hot pink, comfortable-looking bathtub. Bambi hears instructions saying this bathtub will slowly fill up with cum as soon as someone enters it. The extremely hot cum will feel so relaxing. It will penetrate and be absorbed by every cell of the body in the tub. Once all the cum is absorbed in the body, it will have an extra strong memory reset effect, much stronger than regular amnesia.

    Bambi has a devious idea and unlocks the pink satin box. She picks her old self, and is surprised by how light she feels. She giggles as she realizes her old self actually looks so much like Bambi now. Bambi carries her old self to the tub, but slips and they both fall in the tub. Old self is on top, face down towards Bambi.
    Bambi blushes and feels so good, tightly hugging her old sleeping self in the tub, starting to feel sizzling hot cum filling the tub. Bambi gets lost in feelings of tingling ecstasy as she feels hot cum coming from everywhere in the tub, immobilized under her almost identical sexy sleeping old self. She can't resist but to kiss her old self. Her old self wakes up, says I love you Bambi and kisses back. Bambi is overwhelmed and falls asleep.

    Waking up in the tub, her body feeling so sizzling hot and relaxed, as if every single cell had been massaged. Bambi does not know where she is. She gets up from the tub and knows she is Bambi. Her pink name flashes in her mind. She looks at an empty tub and a pink satin box. Someone is in the box, sleeping, looking exactly like her. Bimbo body, sexy makeup and hair. Bambi feels some memories coming back to her. Like how cocks feel so juicy hot and good in her mouth. Bambi knows that cum will always have that effect on her now. Absorbing everything, every memory. Leaving Bambi thirsty for more cum, and in an almost absolute state of amnesia.

    Bambi loves you =D