Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Bambi Enforcement

This is the first batch of the new set of short trance training tracks. Use them to increase the effectiveness of all other conditioning, to reinforce the basic training, or mix and match to create a custom induction. Although you can listen to them all the way through, there's no awakener, and the tracks focus mostly on deepening and reinforcement rather than specific changes. They work well mixed in a playlist with conditioning tracks from other session.

Roughly-speaking, tracks 01 to 06 are inductions and deepeners that work well at the start of a session, and tracks 07 to 10 are reinforcers that work well towards the end, but feel free to experiment.

Note: these tracks are designed for listeners who are acquainted with the Bambi Sleep conditioning. Intermediate subjects may wish to use them in conjunction with the longer Blank Mindless Doll induction.

Track Listing

00 Bimbo Drone
Two minutes of the background binaural.

01 Bimbo Relaxation
Bambi is made to relax, placed in her bimbo bubble and prepared for training. Intended to begin an induction followed by deepeners.

02 Bimbo Mindwipe
A short deepener that wipes Bambi's mind. Can be used as part of an induction, or to deepen trance during longer sessions.

03 Bimbo Slumber
Bambi's sleep command is reinforced and used to drop her deeper. Can serve as a rapid induction.

04 Bimbo Tranquility
Bambi's thoughts are entirely replaced with the commands in her ears, and her freeze trigger locks her into this state.

05 Bimbo Pride
Bambi's good girl trigger is reinforced, and she is provided with an intense sense of bimbo pride and obedience.

06 Bimbo Pleasure
Bambi's pleasure is used against her to disable any resistance or hesitation, and she is trained to come helplessly on command.

07 Bimbo Servitude
Bambi learns to helplessly obey all commands at all times, and is given powerful triggers to ensure compliance.

08 Bimbo Addiction
Bambi's addiction to her training and to being a dolled-up and uniformed bimbo is reinforced, making continued acceptance of her programming more and more impossible to resist.

09 Bimbo Amnesia
Bambi is programmed to helplessly and automatically forget everything she must forget. She will no longer be able to remember anything that could distract her from being a perfect bimbo doll.

10 Bimbo Protection
Bambi is completely happy and satisfied with all of her training. Deep and permanent protections are installed that will prevent her from being able to remove the effects and triggers established by her conditioning.

Warning: this track is designed to make future cleaning or deprogramming attempts completely ineffective, at best.



  1. It's so easy to fall back down. Thank you. :)
    Tranquility, Pride and Pleasure are all very strong. And so short!

    1. Bambi's patiently waiting..but wants now.

  2. Any recommendations for mixing and matching <3

  3. Was the 02 Bimbo [???] file put on hold or is the numbering intentionally out of place?

    1. Bambi Prime says that 02 is part of the next batch of programing.

  4. Bambi loves it! <3

  5. In the basic training should these all be listened to after Named and Drained?

  6. can you please please make a moaning and a chastity series? i think moaning and chastity is very helpful. please ! :) :) :)

  7. For future experimental files: how about a Bambi Slave file/playlist where the old self officially gives the keys to her mind to Bambi and accepts her as the Mistress?
    The keys give Bambi access to every mental lever: sex addiction, obedience, pleasure, amnesia, intelligence, cum & cock addiction, sexy clothes addiction... Bambi has total access to these levers and can play with them as much as she wants.

    1. Another Bambi would LOVE this!!!

    2. Oh yes....please. Inhibitions are gone now....would adore further brainwashing.

  8. Bambi Cumslut would be fun too =D

    Like, Bambi could become obsessed with getting cum facials and would feel enormous pleasure anytime she feels cum on her face and in her mouth.

  9. You should create a Bambi to Street Hooker fuck toy. Turning tricks all night.

  10. I love you Bambi!!! <3 <3

  11. I'm fairly new to Bambi Sleep so currently I'm listening almost exclusively to the Original Session to get used to the triggers. For the files that enforce the triggers from the original sessions, do they contain any triggers from new files that wouldn't work on someone that's newer and has only listened to the original?

    1. A few, but it shouldn't detract from the experience. Since these are enforcement tracks most of the new triggers are trained here as well.

    2. thanks for doing these, they are sooooo well done and effective & i'm super super hooked already lol - i've never been interested in actually being with a guy but now while watching porn its all i can look at, it's kind of fucked up since i can realize how mentally vulnerable i am to it - but gives me such a rush that i don't see myself stopping

      anyway, to my point - and i hate when people do this when someone took sooooo much time to do something amazing and all people can say is "so when is more coming out".. but i'm really really hoping so bad that you aren't done with this series and will be releasing more? the conditioning works unbelievably well, but i'd love to hear more tracks where bambi is putting her training to use - i only listened to the first season all the way through - and skimmed through all the rest of them - so correct me if i'm wrong but it seems like there are way way way less, like only 5% of files where bambi is putting her training to use by sucking/fucking, and the only ~3 i heard where i heard she does are sooooooo hot.. will there be more?? either way thank you so much

  12. chastity themed files would be great. also music

  13. I loooooove track 9 so much, thank you <3

  14. Excuse me,it been a few weeks, after my friend recomment the "bambi sleep series".
    And now,the bambi persona becomes more and more stronger,it gets harded to get back my old self.

    For example,it takes a few minutes to get normal after listening these records at the first week.
    But now,bambi takeover my brain almost 3 hours after the bambi training,I can't control myself and remember who I really are ,it's so empty.
    And it's amzing while I have spare time, bambi will apears and need more and more training,just like now.

    So,I am terrified that my persona will be erased and bambi will takeover my brain&body,I know I must stop but I just can't control myself and keep listening, it feels awesome.

    Is there any way to get back to normal?

  15. Is it possible to get a loop file of just the cocksucking slurping and sucking sounds?

  16. Hi i was wondering if there is a file that or trakd that trains bambi to use her ass as a fuck hole to.

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  19. I hope you are feeling much better. Hopefully this webpage was made quite a while ago and you are completely healed

  20. Ideas for new Enforcement files

    Extreme brainwash / mindbreak file - Bambi goes to a special Bimbo facility to get mental upgrades. Everything is done to overload her brain into mush. Total amnesia triggered again and again, like a deep scrub, taking away everything. The goal is to make her blanker than ever.

    Orgasm lock - only Bambi cums. Dolly has zero access. Nipples, lips, anal become her 3 pleasure centers. Bambi's pussy pleasure waves are automatically transferred to her 3 pleasure centers.

    Bimbo Fitness - Bambi experiences huge bursts of pleasure when she follows bimbo fitness workout routines, and when she complies with healthy diet directions, like mostly drinking water and eating healthy stuff like veggies. Drinking water becomes a trigger.

    Cock Doll - Bambi is brought to a glory hole, is restrained, and gets headphones. She starts sucking beautiful juicy cocks one after another, making slurpy noises, swallowing their cum when they cum inside her mouth, loving the hot feeling when they cum on her face and body.
    Her awareness of time disappears. She has no idea how long she has been slurping on cocks. Hours, days... weeks?
    She starts to forget absolutely everything. Until there is only thing in her life. Only one element that she understands. Cocks. She loses the ability to understand any other word, to visualize any other thing. Cocks. Bambi keeps slurping.

    Real Cocks - Bambi is conditioned so that being in the presence of a real cock (vs just imagining one, or sucking a dildo, or watching images and videos) will trigger an intense pleasure wave that will fry her and active the permanent cock mindset. This will make Bambi very motivated to seek out real cocks.

  21. Enforced Whore Mindset - When Bambi hesitates between doing something in a feminine way or in a slutty whore way, her mind goes blank. She automatically does the sluttiest thing only a whore would do, and she awakes after the choice was made. She is strongly rewarded every time it happens.

  22. Dose bambi change you're body just wondering

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    we have lots of work to do.

    these files are by the way the best and most fun ones.